Singaporean couple opens cafe in Tokyo serving Singaporean food!

During this pandemic time when many Singaporeans in Japan are unable to travel home, a small cozy café located in Tokyo becomes the “Home Away From Home”, where one can dig into handmade black chai tow kway and sip on Milo Dinosaur while exchanging Singlish conversations with the owners and fellow customers.

“Little Merlion” is run by Singaporean couple – Mark and Melissa. When Covid-19 hit and Mark lost his hospitality job, he saw it as an opportunity instead to build something new together with his wife in the foreign land. Akadot TV, in collaboration with the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo, invited them to share about their journey.

About the author

A filmmaker who documents Japanese-Singapore stories.
When not on set or editing, I'm likely to be watching Japanese TV & movies while munching on Calbee's seaweed chips.
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